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At Seoruchi, we provide business owners in India, Hyderabad with an alternative to traditional marketing. We don't believe in using generic strategies or shortcuts. When you contact us, we'll talk with you to learn about your SEO & digital marketing needs to create a campaign that will get you lasting results.

Our team of creative professionals is here to get you the results you need. From social media marketing and search engine optimization services to website development and content creation, we're ready to build a strong digital campaign for your business to grow through.

Combined with the failure of paywalls and the rise of ad blockers, it's looking increasingly clear that print publications merely converting their operations to digital may not be the answer. They just won't be able to earn enough revenue to keep the lights on.

It's a logical argument, even if Wolff doesn't consider that digital-only news organizations tend to have lower costs than their print-based cousins. Still, with the trend lines being what they are, he may be right.

What's less clear is what news organizations can do about it. As Wolff points out, it's one thing to know what doesn't work and quite another to find something that does. But having a body of failures to learn from is at least a start.

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